A few questions you might have...

What does a typical Grand Little Adventure shoot look like?

A basic shoot is 45 minutes, and it is really up to the kids as to what happens within those 45 minutes! When I started photographing families way back when, I would go into the shoot having certain "poses" in mind that I saw elsewhere online that I would then try to replicate. Besides the photos looking unnatural and cheesy, I found this extremely frustrating as kids have minds of their own! A few years and having a child of my own has really shifted my perspective! I truly believe that a photograph will hold so much more value over time if it expresses a little bit of honest personality. To get things started, I normally encourage parents to think of one or two activities that the kids enjoy, and from there we pretty much see what develops.

Here are some ideas:

- Let your child paint a picture

- Build a fort together

- Play a board game

- Bake cupcakes

- Go for a swim in the pool

- Let them dress up

- Read them a book

- Water the plants in the garden (My sons favourite thing to do ever!) 

Of course all of this is impossible when the kids are still babies, but even then it would be nice to capture a glimpse of your everyday lives as part of the shoot- perhaps a bath or a feed, or just lots and lots of squishy baby cuddles!

Once we've captured a bit of real life, and the kids are comfortable with having me around, I will then typically try to take a more "traditional" family photo. I do think there's a time and place for a beautiful family portrait, but I've learnt that one simply cannot go into a shoot with the expectation that everyone is going to just look at the camera and smile. So this is not something I force. Often these photos end up less than perfect, and I quite like that!

My reasoning for keeping the shoot relatively short is that I like to think of them as little "snippets" of family life. Rather than doing a drawn out shoot that might feel quite tiring, I would rather come back every few months to capture a different little snippet, and in doing so help to tell a story of a passage of time.

WhY are most of your shoots done at home?

Doing home shoots is my favourite, as it lends itself to capture such natural and real moments. This is the environment that the kids know and love, and it is much easier to capture them doing something they love to do at home with all the necessary facilities right there. Hopefully they will feel less of the urge to pose for the camera as a result, and feel more free to just continue to do what they love to do!

I don't want to shoot at our home. Can we pick another location?

Yes, of course! There are many reasons why you could feel that your home may not be suitable for a shoot and that is totally fine! Because I like to keep things as natural as possible, I would still recommend thinking up an activity that will bring out the personality of the kids. If you love the the beach, bring along a bucket and spade, or even a cozzy, some beach towels and a surf board! Or bring your dogs along to the forest to play. You could also go on a little outing together- go have ice creams at the Waterfront, go to a farm, or take a train ride to Kalk Bay. I'd love to hear your ideas! 

Do you do Maternity or Newborn shoots?

My passion is kids, so I only photograph preggy bellies in the context of a family shoot. If you are an expecting mom and you have another kid I'd love to capture this stage in your life! However, I'm currently not doing maternity shoots that are just the couple and the bump. (Subject to change - let's see!).

Regarding newborn photography, I absolutely love it! However, once again, I like to keep these as natural as possible. I understand that babies are not as mobile and that the shoot might thus have a slightly more "posed" feeling to it compared to other types of family shoots, but I will definitely not be providing props or putting the babies into Anne Geddes style positions!

Do you do Extended family/ Adult Family shoots?

I am more than happy to include a gran or a nanny or another special relation in the photographs for a few photos. However, I'm not particularly passionate about photographing groups of teenagers or adults, so if your family consists of no-one below the age of 12, then I'm probably not the best person for you!

What should we wEAR for the shoot?

I don't want to be too prescriptive with this, as your clothes needs to be true to who you are. However, there are just a few small things to keep in mind:

- While I am ALL for keeping it natural, these photographs are hopefully going to be around for a long time. Therefore, it might be worth just putting a little extra effort into how you look, so you don't end up judging yourself every time you look at them. Photographs always tone makeup down, so you can even be quite bold with that!

- I would recommend staying away from clothes with bold prints or lots of different colours. Your son might love his Paw Patrol T-shirt, but the camera won't! This will only distract from the faces.

- Consider how the clothes all look together. While I don't necessarily recommend that you all wear matching outfits, it might be a good idea to keep things vaguely cohesive.

How do I book you?

Just send me a message on the contact form and I'll get back to you with the Pricelist. Once we've arranged a date and time and a 50% deposit has been paid, you're all set.