Hey There!

So nice of you to stop by!

I'm Tabs, the person behind the lens here at Grand Little Adventure.

I am a mother, a wife, a big lover of travel, mild curry, good conversation and all things creative. I would call myself a bit of a philanthropist, and I am most at peace when I am in Nature.

Taking pictures makes me incredibly happy. I have been photographing primarliy weddings (under Illuminate Photography) for the past eight years, and when my son was born in 2016, a new-found love for documenting little people and family connections was ignited.

I am aware of the fragility of time every single day, and desperately trying to hang on to these little moments that pass so quickly as I watch my son grow from one developmental stage to the next. This has made me all the more aware of the absolutely timeless value of photographs.

It would be my greatest joy to capture a little glimpse of your precious family. Let's start a journey of documenting these fleeting moments together before they disappear.


One of the reasons why family portraiture used to intimidate me, is the fact that kids are so unpredictable. I felt like I had so little control over what pictures I was going to get! Now, a few years on, that is precisely what I LOVE about it! With kids, you just never know what you're going to get, and I love that surprise element! This is why I have adopted a documentary-style approach in how I shoot families. There's a time and place for a photo of everyone looking at the camera, but I believe that the most valuable photographs are those that manage to capture a little bit of personality as well! My absolute favourite is photographing families in their homes, and capturing the kids doing things they love to do- whether it be painting, baking, dancing or just playing wit their favourite toys. 

No posing, no props, no saying cheese!