What does a typical Grand Little Adventure shoot look like?

A basic shoot is 45 minutes, and I like to divide this up into three sections-

  1. A handful of “posed” family portraits

    While I take on a strong documentary-style in my work, I do think there's a time and place for a beautiful family portrait. I have however learnt that one simply cannot go into a shoot with the expectation that everyone is going to just look at the camera and smile, so this is not something I force. Often these photos end up less than perfect, and I quite like that!

  2. Unposed activities that encourage honest connection

    This will be the bulk of your shoot. It is really up to the kids as to what happens! I truly believe that photographs will hold so much more value over time if they expresses a little bit of honest personality.  I encourage parents to think of one or two activities that the kids enjoy, and from there we can see what develops.

Here are some ideas:

- Take your dogs for a walk in the forest

- Let your children paint a picture

- Play a board game

- Go for milkshakes at a quirky coffee shop

- Bake cupcakes

- Eat watermelons by the pool

- Let them play dress up

- Read them a book

- Water the plants in the garden

- Go for a bike ride at sunset on the promenade

Or even just going for a walk in nature.

Of course all of this is impossible if your kid is a baby, but even then it would be nice to capture a glimpse of your everyday lives as part of the shoot- perhaps a bath, a change or a feed, or just lots and lots of squishy baby cuddles!

As you do these activities, I encourage you to interact with each other as much as possible. The extra attention from parents will also mean that your kids will be that extra bit happier during the shoot!

3. Individual Portraits

Once we’ve captured some really natural pictures of the family interacting, I love to get one or two very intentional close-ups of each of the kids, and maybe even the parents together on their own!

Where will the shoot take place?

This is entirely up to you! We could either shoot in the comfort of your own home, or choose a location that you love! Perhaps somewhere you regularly go as a family, or a place that holds special memories for you? Or we can go on an adventure to somewhere new! I'm always happy to suggest locations that I think will work well.   

What Time of the day will the shoot take place?

All my outdoor shoots take place in the late afternoon/early evening, within the last two hours before sunset. Light is a huge part of my work, so this is not something I like to compromise on. In summer, this may mean shooting at 6.30 or 7pm in the evening, which is often not ideal for small children. I would recommend letting them have a lightly later nap and feeding them before the shoot. If the shoot is taking place at your home, the timing is flexible depending on your schedule.


Do you do Maternity or Newborn shoots?

My passion is kids, so I only photograph preggy bellies in the context of a family shoot. If you are an expecting mom and you have another kid I'd love to capture this stage in your life! However, I'm currently not doing maternity shoots that are just the couple and the bump. (Subject to change - let's see!).

Regarding newborn photography, I absolutely love it! However, once again, I like to keep these as natural as possible. Babies are not as mobile and the shoot might thus have a slightly more "posed" feeling to it compared to other types of family shoots. I will be giving a little bit of guidance and direction, making the best of the the space and light. I will however not be providing cheesy props or putting the babies into Anne Geddes style positions!

Do you do Extended family/ Adult Family shoots?

I am more than happy to include grandparents or a nanny or another special person in the photographs for a few photos. However, I'm not particularly passionate about photographing big groups made up primarily of adults. And if your family consists of no-one below the age of 12, then I'm probably not the best person for you!

What should we wEAR for the shoot?

I don't want to be too prescriptive with this, as your clothes needs to be true to who you are. However, there are just a few small things to keep in mind:

- While I am ALL for keeping it natural, these photographs are hopefully going to be around for a long time. Therefore, it might be worth just putting a little extra effort into how you look. Photographs always tone makeup down, so you can even be a bit bolder with that!

- I would strongly recommend staying away from clothes with bold prints or lots of different colours. Your son might love his Paw Patrol T-shirt, but the camera won't! This will only distract from the faces.

- Consider how the clothes all look together. While I don't recommend that you all wear matching outfits, it might be a good idea to keep things somewhat cohesive.

- Consider what kind of look you would like for your images. If you like dramatic pictures that showcase the beautiful scenery, then wearing a flowy dress will lend itself well to that. If you would prefer a casual more homey look, then chunky knits and jeans might be your preferred wardrobe choice.

What you choose to wear plays a big role in how the pictures turn out, so it’s worth putting a bit of thought into!

How do I book you?

Just send me a message on the contact form and I'll get back to you with the Pricelist. Once we've arranged a date and time, I’ll send an invoice your way, and payment will secure your booking.

How long do i have to wait for the pictures?

This can take up to 3 weeks in the busy season (Sep-Apr) but depending on my workload I will try to get the images to you within 2 weeks of the shoot. I always send a few sneak peeks a few days after the shoot :) I take full payment up front as this is just easier for me to manage administratively.