I belong to a pretty big family. Mike is one of four, I am one of five.

So as you can imagine, Mason has a lot of cousins! Twelve to be exact, and that number is bound to keep growing!

We don’t get to see my side of the family all too often, as they have all emigrated to various parts of the planet. Of course that makes me incredibly sad! But what it does mean, is that when we do see each other it’s always super special and we get all up in each other’s space.

I like to call it beautiful chaos.

When we arrived at my sister’s home in London, TJ my brother-in-law greeted us with “Welcome to the fun house”. It didn’t take very long to witness the fun unfold! It gets pretty wild with four kids, and then we added a fifth to the mix!

On the Saturday we all spent the day together, so I took out my camera and documented a large chunk of the day.

I wanted to keep it as honest as possible, and have purposefully not edited out some of the imperfections in the images. It feels a little vulnerable posting them like this, but I am constantly advocating for authenticity, so this is me practicing what I preach.

Fun was had. Both in the taking of the pictures, as well as partaking in the moments that are captured in them.