What most people probably don’t know, is that Grand Little Adventure originally started out as a personal blog, dedicated to sharing my experiences of becoming a mom.

I published my first post six months into my son's life, and then for the next six months I posted absolutely nothing! So I decided that it would be best to delete the domain and “focus on what I’m good at”.

Now it’s a year and a bit later, and Grand Little Adventure has re-surfaced as something totally different! I still really loved the name, and thought it would fit perfectly for my new little venture of photographing little people. Part of me still felt a little sad that I never followed through on the blog thing though.

This week I suddenly realised that it’s not necessarily too late! I have no ambitions of going big with this part of my website, but I do really love the idea of sharing a little bit of my world with who ever might care to read about it! And more specifically, to share some of my favourite images of Mason, because I take one hang of a lot of those!!

So here it is- My very first ‘personal’ blog post since my launch, and also my very first round-up of Mason favourites. Perhaps I’ll do one of these every few months :)